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A tête-à-tête with Erika Lundberg


Erika is a yogini living in San Francisco, working in the Silicon Valley tech scene.  A lover SF Bay Area and its laid-back West coast vibe; her family moved to the valley when she was a kid and her parents are still nearby, which makes this home to her. Oldest of three girls and she is very close with her family, which also currently includes three family dogs.  Her background is Swedish and she visits her family there each summer, in addition to other various travel excursions as she loves exploring new parts of the world. She’s lived in four different countries and speaks three languages fluently, with the goal to learn more.  She both practices and teaches yoga, which keeps her young, limber and ready for anything life throws at her! 


What keeps you ‘Active’?

Most recently, my new dog Liesl has kept me up and running.  We live in an apartment in San Francisco, so it’s two flights of stairs and down the street to the park every 4 hours for a potty break!  That plus twice daily walks and play time basically makes her my personal cardio trainer, so I think we’re a great match for each other.

 It’s always important to me to be active no matter what though – I feel my best when I’ve had at least an hour of some kind of activity each day whether that’s yoga, another exercise class or even just a brisk walk.  Just knowing that I’ll feel my best afterward is enough to keep me moving.


What is one thing that you wish everyone would remind themselves every day?

Gratitude is a very powerful sentiment.  It’s something I try to remind myself of each day: how many blessings I have in my life, and how lucky I am for all the little things.  As we get caught up in our daily stressors and life’s hurdles, it’s easy to forget that having a roof over our heads, food on the table, and loved ones to hug makes us much more fortunate than a large portion of the world’s population.  Whenever things seem tough, I try to remind myself that all things shall pass, it could always be so much worse, and that I’m thankful for everything that HAS gone right – these are life’s blessings


Guilty Pleasure?

I hate to admit this, but I’m a big fan of dumb reality TV shows.  It’s just the perfect form of brainless entertainment after a long day!  I like to catch up on episodes of the Kardashians, the Bachelor/Bachelorette and 90-Day Fiancée with my roommates.  However, I think it’s important to realize that these shows are not actual “reality” and to only take them at face value for entertainment purposes. 

Would you call yourself a teacher or a student?

Both, but first and foremost I am a student – a student of yoga, a student of life, and so much more.  I believe we are all students, and I think it’s really important that our teachers never stop striving to acquire higher knowledge.  We always have so much more to learn from other people and their diverse experiences, and it’s through this learning process that we are best enabled to guide others, and even still ourselves. 


What inspires you?

Amazing human beings inspire me, and there are tons of them on this planet.  I’m inspired by those who overcome incredible odds; single mothers starting their own businesses, people with disabilities working to achieve what they were told they never could, and anyone else who pushes to thrive despite life’s hurdles.  I’m inspired by those who go out of their way to help others in times of need, and often those they don’t even know, like all the volunteers who have mobilized to help people and animals alike in the recent hurricane aftermaths.  It all comes back to gratitude and seeking light and opportunity when all seems dark.

Three items on your work desk?

1) Aloe plant: it was a birthday gift from my mom, and gives off the perfect calming vibe.

2) My “Fika” mug (Swedish word for an afternoon snack break) used as a pen holder: it reminds me of my roots and my family.

3) S’well water bottle: I drink tons of water throughout the day and am a big fan of the reusable bottle my sisters got for me.  I probably have to refill it 4-5 times per day!


What current fitness trend is your favorite?

I’ve been really into barre class lately!  It’s a great strength-training workout, and I’ve found it complements my yoga practice very nicely.  I think barre resonates with me so much because of the borrowed elements from ballet, which I danced for 13 years.  To me, any fitness regimen should be enjoyable and fit your style.  I’m still pulling for aerobics to make a comeback, it’s one of my all-time favorites!


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