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A tête-à-tête with Roman Sherwani

Roman has been a health coach in Delhi for over a decade inspiring clients around the globe to achieve remarkable results including dramatic weight loss, enhanced levels of fitness and the reversal of chronic illnesses.

Over the years Roman has gained a number of qualifications from global health and nutrition industry leaders in both cutting-edge disciplines and ancient medicine systems. To date Roman holds certification from the American College of Sports Medicine, the Institute of Nutritional Leadership, a bachelors degree in Alternative Medicine awarded by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine and is a Precision Nutrition certified coach. From this extensive knowledge base, Roman devised a unique coaching system incorporating a range of psychosocial techniques to transform negative belief systems, often the real barriers to sustained change in both physical and emotional health.

In addition to his existing client base, Roman is currently busy educating trainers and coaches in health assessment protocols and collaborating on the development of a range of functional food snacks, safe Cosmetics and hygiene products which are to be launched soon on the market.

What keeps you ‘Active’?

A stand-up desk- I spend few hours each day in front of a screen, I make sure I am standing up for all this screen-staring time, take a few minutes break every 40 minutes or so spent looking at the screen.

The 5-minute workout - A set each of pull ups, push ups and squats, occasionally other bodyweight exercises, all done without rest and the session is rarely more than five minutes longer.

A lot of my work Involves Phone usage (client calls) I try to schedule these calls and go for long walks in parks while on phone few days a week minimum.

Farmers walk - Carrying awkward to hold and heavy object while walking. I do this as a work out so it can last for few minutes each day.

Please share a ritual that helps you recenter.

Meditation is the most powerful tool I have for the purpose of coming back to neutral/ center

Cooking can be easily classified as a form of Meditation, cooking for friends and family is probably the best reason to cook for according to me, it really helps me grounding.

Long walking Meditations, just thinking about it makes me smile. Meditating while walking or going for a walk in your Meditation while seated.

I use various modalities and tools for Meditation. Some of the best apps for meditation in my personal and working experience are Headspace, Omvana, Insight-timer, Calm.

Guilty Pleasure?

Single Malt is my largest guilty pleaser.
 Cheesecakes can make me feel guilty also but that's super rare, but happens.

Another one I feel guilty for is Switching my phone off for more than one day! 
I really think mobile phones are the biggest health threat to humanity that has become a necessary part of the modern human life on the planet today.

What do you love the most about what you do?

There are several reasons to love what I do, but the most gratifying one has to be witnessing the moment of change in my clients. Change is a process but there are ah-ha moments where a switch goes on or off to initiate a completely new process that unfolds as changes in behaviors, decision making and outcomes of their journeys in health.

Freedom is another big reason of loving my work life, the freedom to choose the clients to work with, when to do the work and from where to do it is a important factor of doing what i do as a coach.

What inspires you?

Nature, really wild outdoors, Trees, Birds, and Mountains are a few of my favorite areas to get inspiration from.

Witnessing of the human spirit that is open to, and allowing of change for greater good is very inspiring to me.

Three items on your work desk?

A red light lamp with Rock salt crystals Bottle of my favorite nootropics
A piece of Jungle from my last trip

Favourite travel spots?

Tokyo, Berlin, Melbourne


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