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Once upon a time, receiving a basket of oranges or a pack of sweet strawberries were the best gift one could ask for, but somewhere along the line that simplicity got morphed into a complicated purchasing process that sends us into a mini-panic to scour around town for unique things.

But for many of us, this is far too overwhelming and un-authentic. And luckily for us, this is not merely a superfluous marketing trend, but a more thoughtful approach that many have come to believe in, owing to personal experiences.

Personal fitness, mindful living, conscious choices in food or otherwise is making this generation look towards humble alternatives that make a difference to their own body and the environment like-wise. And it wouldn't be wrong to admit that a lot of this is contributed, as we increasingly aspire for better physical health - first.

Keeping that thought alive with every venture of ours, we introduce a small range of accessories that would aid your fitness journey and compliment the organic apparel on our website or the ones that might already have - Headbands and Yoga totes.

Intended for yoga and light cardio practitioners, the headbands are adaptable to all kinds of fitness routines as well. What is unique about these headbands is that they are up-cycled from our production waste, which in a normal scenario would be considered as scrap and be discarded by many others. However, we intend to at every step of our journey be consistently sustainable, to practice and to offer. So, indeed what you see on our page and what you eventually buy is a piece or a token of sustainability or ‘good karma’ as they say.

These headbands are versatile in their wear, they absorb sweat, keep the moisture intact, keep your lovely locks in control during exercise. Additionally, they can just be worn to the beach as a fashionable accessory. In fact, they can be opened up to wear as a bandana too. We offer two colors as of now, both of which can be matched to most things in your wardrobe. Age no bar & One size fits all! And together with the Tote is a thoughtful gift-bundle.

The Totes come with a minimalistic yet stylish design language with neutral colors that would fit right in with your apparel. Needless to say, the totes have multi-utility purposes, as it comes in a handy size and can be used from holding your yoga wear, towel or mat and even for regular uses like books and groceries.Meant for all age groups and due to the breezy-cotton material, they can be hand washed very easily.


While these are great for personal wear, they make for modest yet thoughtful gifts for your loved ones while being extremely low maintenance. And you needn't scour around town anymore.

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