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Why Soul System?

Life, they say is a balancing act.

How often have you felt like you were on a bamboo pole, a balancing artist walking across a string (rope/tightrope), trying to stay centered in a constantly changing world? Taking care of your tremulous self, while trying to keep track of all the roles you play...seeking adventure and yearning for peace in equal measure while seizing moments of harmony wherever you find them. Phew!

Sounds familiar?
To move from one polarity to another is the nature of the mind. It is difficult for the mind to come to stay in the middle. To put it simply, just ‘being’ makes you lazy and just ‘doing’ makes you hyper and workaholic.
Take, for example, a clock's pendulum, the pendulum goes to the right, then moves to the left, then again to the right, and again to the left; the clock's working depends on this intrinsic movement.
If the pendulum stays in the middle, well, the clock would stop. The more it moves to one side, the more energy it gathers to move to the other and vice versa.

Something many of us will be able to connect with while describing our lives and choices.
When you are standing in the middle you are not gathering any momentum. But surprisingly, this is the beauty of it too, someone who is not gathering any momentum to move anywhere is also a person at ease, at home with themselves.

It is this ever elusive, intriguing and intangible concept of balance that attracts us. Various philosophies both scientific and spiritual have defined it in their own ways. Just as how new age science finds a unique correlation between our three brains - you heard it right - head, heart, and gut. It is in living through the integration of the three that we can experience a state of balance.

Whether practiced through ancient philosophies like Yoga and meditation, or contemporary dance and cross-training, wellness through consistent physical activities does wonders for our energy and helps center our being.

We take this thread of our constant endeavor for balance as an inspiration for our next collection - Soul system - Relevant and pertinent to our times - the new range draws inspiration from an organic synthesis of the mind, body, and soul. It blends basic shapes, schematic details, solid patterns and subtle earthy hues. With minimalism as its mainstay, every shape, color, and print tells a story. We feel all of our reality can be represented by simple geometric forms.

Something so pure about basic forms of geometry, don't you reckon?

So, Why Shapes?

In visual art, a shape can be defined as simple or complex, geometric yet natural, directional or even abstract. We have used the Primary shapes in the simplistic forms to associate them with various emotions and functions. We draw our inspiration from the exchange of mind, body & soul.

Soul system - Our new collection with its unique interplay of shapes and forms will constantly remind you of the congruity and solace that we are all trying to achieve, together and alone. To find your inner zen, and yet to accelerate when the mind is ready. It will remind you that life is about simplicity & minimalism.

Square represents stability and sustainability through nurturing our bodies that are required for a healthy life and creating a perfect balance. Triangle as a form suggests action and flow of energy towards a direction, towards something that is above the tangibles. Seeking the beauty in everyday life by being mindful of what we do thus leading to a happy self.  Circles suggest infinity, completion, and wholeness like that of gratitude. An emotion that could enliven our souls by releasing the negativity.

Soft cotton fabrics, subtle subliminal colors, some structured and some flowy in fit - clothes that define our brand perfectly and that let ‘you’ be.
An interesting confluence of forms, in blocks & in lines, stripes and symmetry, there are colors like grey, purple, red, orange and equal measure of black and white to bring forth the design elements. Design by itself has been kept simple, and comfort for all body types, without a doubt. An array of Tanks tops, basic & stretchable pants form this collection dedicated to wellness.


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