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We all have our bad days when we feel lost and think we are not good enough. Sometimes, these days can turn into a bad patch, and it is very difficult to go “back on the track” and believe that we deserve the best.

It is important to remember that a perfect person does not exist but we are all perfect in our own way.

You are special because someone loves you because of your curly hair, a big smile or your energy. Or maybe because of your imperfections. Even if sometimes you think that you don’t deserve to be loved, it is only your perception. As Allan Lokot said once: “Don’t believe everything you think. Thoughts are just that - thoughts.”

Important thing is to know that we usually think we are not good enough because we compare ourselves to other people, no matter who they are. It is normal to compare but don’t forget that the people you compare yourself with compare themselves with other people, too. I believe we are all so different that we can’t compare. Maybe someone is more beautiful but maybe someone else is more charismatic. So, who wins? We are all beautiful in our imperfection. We are unique so we are not meant to have the same success or experience as anyone else.

Today there is a lot of pressure to be perfect, to be the best at work, to look like a model, to cook good, to be married before 30, to earn a lot of money… the list can be very long! Trying to achieve all that you forget yourself! You don’t have to be the best at everything. No one is! You need to find your own scale of the things that are important to you and try to fulfill your expectations.

Remember that your mistakes are just a lesson, an opportunity to learn something new and become a better person. With all your virtues and imperfections you are exactly who you are supposed to be! 

We all have something that no one else has. I am sure there are a lot of things that you love about yourself so try not to forget them and repeat them in your mind as often as you can.

Make peace with yourself, and remember, you are good enough just as you are, one and only in the world!

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  • tywe

    Oh I really liked and needed this. Great read!

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